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How much does it cost to have my chimney swept?
This depends on a number of factors including the type of appliance or chimney, the time the job will take to complete properly, and the location within the UK.  A standard sweep is £35 and I'll always discuss and agree costs with you before starting work.  No hidden surprises at the end.  I have deals on offer for group bookings, 999 staff, and a couple of other sweeteners, so visit the Special Offers page to  find out more. 

Why should I use a NACS Chimney Sweep?

NACS Chimney Sweeps undertake a rigorous four day training course and have to successfully complete a full assessment prior to becoming a NACS Member.  All NACS Members must hold valid insurance for Chimney Sweeping, of which they provide a copy to the Association on an annual basis.  They must also have the correct equipment to be able to undertake the job which is checked at the time of their assessment.

Will having my Chimney Swept make a mess?
NACS Chimney Sweeps are very mindful and conscious of making as little mess as possible, and are in fact trained in the prevention of dust escaping during sweeping.  However, there are exceptional circumstances e.g. if a chimney is blocked with a birds nest, which makes it difficult to guarantee that no mess will be made.

Do I need to have my gas/oil flues swept? 
Yes, although burning these fuels does not normally deposit soot, there are still numerous other problems which can affect chimney function which sweeping can solve or identify.  It will also help with the prevention of chimney fires and even carbon monoxide poisoning.

Chimney Sweep FAQ