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When to sweep your chimney

This depends on a number of factors but as a general rule of thumb, for the following fuel types, chimney sweeping is as follows:

Wood:                  Quarterly (When in use. So in the UK that's usually about once a year)                          

Coal:                   Quarterly (when in use, and as above)  

Smokeless fuels:      As above.    

Oil:                     Once a year                          

Gas:                    Once a year                         

Bird nests, masonry, incorrect terminals/pots/cowls, and poor ventilation can also cause problems.  If your fire or stove is not performing as normal, or you're experiencing a smoky room, blow back, slow burning fire or debris coming down the chimney or flue, then you may well be in need of a sweep.

If you'd like to have a wood burner installed, or open up a disused chimney for use, then you'll need to have your chimney swept prior to the installation of any flue or flue liner, or the re-use of a disused chimney.  

If in doubt, call me to discuss your concerns or needs, and if required book a visit.